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We offer our clients a membership based system like no other. Our passion for delivering a solution that works for you, our client, is the reason for infinIT is where it is today.

In the membership-based area, our product offering provides the following unsurpassed benefits:

  •     Membership registration and loading of member information on database
  •     Maintain individual Member details from any branch location
  •     this functionality is only available to those clients that choose to use the system at individual branches.
  •     Membership profiling
  •     Detailed info on Member
  •     Subscription Analysis of Member
  •     Subscription fee Management for each Member
  •     Flexible and User-friendly Subscription fee reconciliation
  •     Maintain individual Company details
  •     Company Payment Management
  •     Allow the loading of company Schedules and allocate payments by Member
  •     Reporting on payments paid and outstanding per company down to member level
  •     Allow users to perform Payment reconciliation and provide Age Analysis Reporting
  •     E-Filing of payment
  •     Company Invoice Management
  •     System has the ability to generate Invoices per Company / per Member
  •     System is able to perform month-to-month Invoice Comparisons


  •     Messaging via email or SMS to members or client employees
  •     enables ease in General, Marketing or any New communication
  •     Notify members e.g. membership number for a new recruit


  •      Reports generation (Membership totals, Debtors, Payments History)

Business Value of implementing the infinIT Membership management System:

  •     Membership count is never a question, as this information is readily available at all times.
  •     Single-Member-View due to real time member information administration
  •     online access and updating of members’ information from any location
  •     membership history analysis, reporting e.g. rate of grow, retain, termination, etc.
  •     payments management, collection, classification and funds distribution to individual members
  •     real-time transaction processing


  •     Unparalleled increase of relations between member and the client because the client will always know the member.
  •     Easy configuration of communication; be it via SMS or Email.
  •     E-Filing of payments schedules, proof of payments, registration-transfer-termination forms
  •     Increased level of service delivery and reduced turnaround time from member query to resolution
  •     Ease in Reporting and only 1 version of the truth
  •     Heightened levels of unsurpassed transparency
  •     Online audit records storage and ease of access later
  •     Cleansed data


We believe in education and sustainable businesses.  The key to success is education and development of sustainable business throughout sub-Saharan Africa.    ........................



Pooling resources and joining forces allows us to expand our range of capabilities and ensure our nationwide presence.

We choose our partners and suppliers carefully, making sure they reflect our values and respect our quality standards.
Our network is composed of professionals who are committed to our clients.



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