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We offer our clients a membership based system like no other. Our passion for delivering a solution that works for you, our client, is the reason for infinIT is where it is today.

In the membership-based area, our product offering provides the following unsurpassed benefits:

  •     Membership registration and loading of member information on database
  •     Maintain individual Member details from any branch location
  •     this functionality is only available to those clients that choose to use the system at individual branches.
  •     Membership profiling
  •     Detailed info on Member
  •     Subscription Analysis of Member
  •     Subscription fee Management for each Member
  •     Flexible and User-friendly Subscription fee reconciliation
  •     Maintain individual Company details
  •     Company Payment Management
  •     Allow the loading of company Schedules and allocate payments by Member
  •     Reporting on payments paid and outstanding per company down to member level
  •     Allow users to perform Payment reconciliation and provide Age Analysis Reporting
  •     E-Filing of payment
  •     Company Invoice Management
  •     System has the ability to generate Invoices per Company / per Member
  •     System is able to perform month-to-month Invoice Comparisons


  •     Messaging via email or SMS to members or client employees
  •     enables ease in General, Marketing or any New communication
  •     Notify members e.g. membership number for a new recruit


  •      Reports generation (Membership totals, Debtors, Payments History)

Business Value of implementing the infinIT Membership management System:

  •     Membership count is never a question, as this information is readily available at all times.
  •     Single-Member-View due to real time member information administration
  •     online access and updating of members’ information from any location
  •     membership history analysis, reporting e.g. rate of grow, retain, termination, etc.
  •     payments management, collection, classification and funds distribution to individual members
  •     real-time transaction processing


  •     Unparalleled increase of relations between member and the client because the client will always know the member.
  •     Easy configuration of communication; be it via SMS or Email.
  •     E-Filing of payments schedules, proof of payments, registration-transfer-termination forms
  •     Increased level of service delivery and reduced turnaround time from member query to resolution
  •     Ease in Reporting and only 1 version of the truth
  •     Heightened levels of unsurpassed transparency
  •     Online audit records storage and ease of access later
  •     Cleansed data


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